Presence Driven Life

“It is my deepest conviction, our highest calling is to sit at the feet of Jesus and minister to His heart. That is where our restless longings are fully met and satisfied. relationship. connection. intimacy. With Jesus. That is what He intended for us from the beginning and that we would find all we long for, only in HIM. After years of striving, being absorbed in fear, shame, people pleasing and ambition, it is experiencing the PERSON and PRESENCE of Jesus in my daily life that is paramount to anything else. From that place of daily surrender and emptying of the self, I watch Him make my life – a brilliant display of His!”

With more than two decades of ministry behind her, Johanna is a prophetic worshiper, passionate about bringing people into a deeper encounter of the presence and voice of Jesus in their daily lives.

As a Minister, Worship Leader, Songwriter, Singer, Musician, Writer, Speaker and Humanitarian, her primary calling is to minister to God’s heart by stewarding and valuing His presence in her life. From that place of intimacy and relationship with Him, God uses her life message and unique, prophetic sound to impact hearts to extravagantly pour out worship to the only One deserving and worthy of it – JESUS.

She is the Founder of “The Presence Collective“, a ministry focused on drawing people together to delight and savor the Presence of Jesus, our oneness with Him because of the Cross and the greatest triumph in all of history, and how each of our individual stories have been forever branded by the powerful Presence of the beautiful man Christ Jesus! It is from that place of intimacy with Jesus, that each contributor is collectively influencing their world – one heart at a time!

Johanna is also an active humanitarian and serves as a Chaplain for a non-profit anti-trafficking group in New York City. She is currently writing her first book and is also simultaneously working on album projects which will feature her latest worship music as well as original songs for children. She loves eating Middle Eastern and South Indian food, watching NBA games and doing home improvement projects with her exceptional husband, Jeff and treasures their delightful eight year old son, Gabriel, who is growing up way too fast!

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